Plastic, liquid rubber, cubic zirconia.   May 2012

Uncovering and revealing the everlasting beauty of Ancient, Pan-Asian Architecture, and strength of ritual female adornment.  Strata incorporates the archeological process and erosion that occurs when a prized piece of history sits bellow the surface of the earth



Linen, steel found objects, hemp board, copper.   March 2013

Vestige: a trace, mark, or visible sign left by something vanished or lost.  Onerous: involving, or constituting burden: troublesome. Objects and tools often become so intimate to our daily routines that they begin to embody a memory of us, showing the arduous nature of the work we rely on them for and traces of the person who employed them to do their craft.  Paying homage to the makers and the intimacy of their tools as I reemploy them in contemporary craft.



Plastic, beehives, wood, flocking, liquid rubber, acrylic paint, wax.   February 2013

Fantasy, wonder, play, discovery and the occasional “boo-boo”- all components of a rich and fulfilled childhood.  The perspective of a child is a sacred and precious state-of-mind we wish we could contain, this piece encapsulates and submerges the wearer in the beautiful glow of a world undefined, a world without limitation.



Copper, steel, found objects, flocking, red cement, resin.   January 2013

Our bodies do exceptional things to protect us, without our awareness.  Entropic highlights this dramatic deviation between the reality of a memory and the way we recall it; revealing how we comfort ourselves by covering up the stains and the baggage of an unpleasant experience, without realizing it inevitably remains a part of us



Onion skins, laser-cut resin, papyrus, vellum, steel, copper

Inspired by stunning advances in medical science, specifically the recent capabilities to grow limbs and reattach them to the body; Limitless references the historical progression of prosthetic limb technology, the value of the body and the rapid nature and beautiful forms of cell growth.