Neckpiece.   gold, solid lead fishing sinkers, resin, acrylic, steel.  casting, found objects.   march 2013.   photo by Jaime Barroso. 

Blinded by our incessant desire, we wear gold and disregard its huge planetary impact. To produce 1 gold ring, 20 tons of waste sits in a landfill. This grotesque ratio inspired this neckpiece that lays heavy on the wearer's chest and mind; the gold is overcast by its own grey shadow.    



Cocktail ring.  sterling silver, fine silver.   filagree, forming & casting.   May 2013

How do we assign value to an experience? And how do we preserve something as intangible as an experience? Cross-culturally we see humans keeping memories alive through ritual practice. Revealing a sacred knowledge to a selected group of individuals; a memory can be handed down, generation to generation, evolving into one cumulative hybrid, of two individual’s experiences.



Neckpiece.  Nu gold brass, up-cycled fur, glas, faux silk cable.  November 2011

Piemuo, or protection in Latin was once synonymous with the word Fur.  This glamorous neckpiece embraces and protects the central stone, just as it embraces the collar of the female figure.  Made of entirely up-cycled materials, it questions why elegance is imperatively tied to precious materials.