Copper, Spandex, Paper, Resin, Concrete, Brass, Elastic, Found Objects, Shell, Wood, Python Skin, Dried Aubergines, Glass Beads, Auto Lack


November 2015

In city life we live and love amongst strangers- and evidence of strangers.  Be it two pizza boxes devoured and abandoned by the rivers edge or a grocery list blowing in the wind; each city tells stories of moments passed, long after they occur.  Objects we interact with capture snippets of our demeanor, collectively forming a harmonious urban hum.  Forgotten objects degrade and slowly adopt traits from the earth- while foliage is groomed into concrete quarters and trimmed away from traffic’s path.  A modified man-nature synthesis is the standard; “natural” is redefined and broadened everyday. In such a cross-cultural, technology overdosed, throwaway world, what represents home, nostalgia, identity?  I believe, in a cry for something real, tangible, we now more then ever tie cherished memories, people and places to objects.  We seek to build a

Photographed by Henry Trumble.  Models: Luba Lubinskia, Hans Fröhlich