“Foul Play” seeks permanence in a throwaway culture.  Unlike Generations for, Gen Z’s, a.k.a. the Selfie Generation have mastered the catered image of self.  They design the face they will present to the world and build a platform on which to receive praise and deflect criticism. As they painstakingly make viral their every move, their physical trace grows ironically in sync. What will commemorate this era of indifferent indulgence; an ode to the modern consumer and his/her many short-lived personalities?

“Foul Play” is an archetype of a Souvenir; it turns rather insignificant human experiences into tangible objects. Unlike the fragile digital façade, this version is #nofilter. The pieces reference cheap modern mass production, but are constructed with the luxury of yesterday.  Aluminum car rims, bronze chandeliers and old silver jewelry, melted in an onsite foundry, are accented with found objects- making the works almost entirely manufactured from 21st century human waste.

Yet somehow there is a mood of celebration- a release of careless joy.  We feel the draw of young energy, infected with #fomo, we too stand knee deep in the bliss of short-term thinking.  Binging on life…before we knew those unfortunate truths.  When everyone still had the right not to think about tomorrow.  Live in the moment! Because #yolo! Stop only to gaze into your selfie stick and upload to immortality. The planet is too big for any one person to bare anyways…

SmilelyFull copy.jpeg