Paper, Resin, Found Objects, Shell, Sterling Silver, Copper, Pearl

May 2013

"Bag with That" plays with imagery universally relevant. The plastic bag, we love to hate, yet we all have crumpled in it's convenience.  It is the flag of urban life, the, icon of fast, and will ultimately be a player in the demise of our planet.  How do you consume, how fast, how proud?  Growing beyond habit, beyond necessity...this plastic evidence of man's presence, has assimilated to man and nature's cycles. "Repeated exposure breads familiarity and familiarity breeds fondness. In urban fashion, we live and love amongst evidence of strangers. We relish in a synthetic-organic limbo. The line distinguishing object from environment, nature from toxin grows ever blurrier. As the categories overgrow and evolve, so grows our lust for objects shiny enough to differentiate. Disoriented, we retreat to something familiar for guidance. The glossy images and the flashy colors in which we can trust. Depicting the person we aspire to be and the friend we never had. She displays the solution, the promise of well-being. Frantically we snatch it and line our walls. Building a personal shrine to the gloss in which we have grown so fond. And it feels like home. Until slowly it retreats to neutrality, fades to white. Our barriers blur, leaving us exposed, empty, hungry for a decadent shield; to spare us not from environmental threat, but from an organism flourishing and festering deep within man. Desire."


Photographed by Artemis Meereis 2014